What Our Clients Have to Say

  • “The staff’s expertise has been invaluable. Our agency could not have grown without the assistance of TSC’s Program+ program."
  • "The staff has excellent customer relations skills and we have felt supported personally and professionally as we repair many years of mismanaged finances at our agency. This has been a wonderful experience.”
  • “The staff has been great to work with and have been a significant part of where our organization has come today. We are actually stronger now than we ever have been before.”
  • “It has been a terrific experience so far!”
  • “The work is excellent and has enhanced our ability to function within budget and on-time with reports related to finance."
  • "It is a great asset to our organization!”

Who Our Clients Are

  • King Urban Life Center
  • West Side Community Services
  • Buffalo String Works
  • Buffalo Maritime Center
  • Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology
  • Academy for Human Rights, Inc.
  • Algoquin Sports

Why Our Clients Use Program+

  • Critical need to reduce costs and have expert skills repair finances.
  • Strong need for a partner that can support not-for-profit with organizational finances.
  • A desperate need for accounting services.
  • A requirement to provide accurate financial statements to prospective grantors.
  • A need to understand budget vs. actual expenses by program and grants.