What is Program+?

Aligned with the mission of The Service Collaborative—addressing the needs of individuals and organizations, leveraging strengths to build strong communities—Program+ aims to build a nonprofit sector in WNY that pursues excellence in performance in order to increase impact of mission.

The Service Collaborative's tenure of community partnerships boasts trust, collaboration and expertise in agency operations and administration. With this confidence, we began providing needed accounting support to two non-profits.

How can Program+ Help?

Program+ provides capacity-building and back office services to the nonprofit sector of Western New York. We are dedicated to seeing that clients are better able to achieve mission-focused programs through administrative efficiency and accountability. Program+ assists clients with internal controls and compliance, lowering risk and exposure.

The services of Program+ are meant to alleviate financial and staff burden associated with overpaying and underperformance of tasks. We provide this service so our community partners can commit more time and resources to what really matters, the service and programming they provide to the community.

Program+ is not one-size fits all. Our experienced staff works with our clients to identify strengths and opportunities.

Current services Program+ provides are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Grants Management
  • Financial Management.  

Whether your organization needs help on a project basis or needs more intensive assistance, Program+ is ready to come alongside your organization to help you however we can.