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Who we  are
Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, WNY Youthbuild program shapes the lives of our community’s next generation of leaders, providing an opportunity for at-risk or low-income to complete their education and learn in-demand job skills, all while committing their time and energy to local community revitalization projects. YouthBuild is an alternative education program that offers individuals ages 16-24 training and practical experience for “in-demand” industry careers through community revitalization projects, while also working to earn a GED certificate through the program. Most program participants have been in the juvenile justice system, are aging out of foster care, are high school dropouts, and/or are otherwise at-risk of failing to reach key educational milestones and opportunities that lead to career fulfillment. They join the YouthBuild program because they are looking to transform their lives and roles in society.

When they are not in the classroom, students serve Buffalo community in a team-based setting where they learn job skills, acquire extensive hands on construction training, under the mentorship of a site-supervisor, by building or renovating low-income housing, schools or other community facilities.

WNY YouthBuild has taught me a lot about hard work. I tried many times before to get my GED and failed. When the opportunity to join YouthBuild came, I applied right away because I wanted to help out in my community but also get my GED. Through hard work, I obtained my GED and that was a huge accomplishment for me. Many people said I couldn’t do it, but now I’m not a statistic for society to put me in. Now I’m off to college in the fall. Just to think that I started out with nothing and now YouthBuild has helped me become a successful woman. I also learned how to manage both being in school and working. I’ve learned to love community service and helping in the community, which is something I never did before YouthBuild.

—Daphne Davis, YouthBuild Member

Staff plans and provide opportunities for personal and professional development by offering training and certification courses. In addition, staff provides additional support to ensure members grow as civically-engaged youth leaders by providing leadership opportunities and other avenues for growth.

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WNY YouthBuild is fully enrolled right now, however, If interested, please contact Robin Barker at 716-800-3953 for information on the next cohort start date.


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