Economic Opportunity Corps

Who We Are
The Service Collaborative’s Economic Opportunity Corps is an AmeriCorps program committed to fighting poverty and helping individuals achieve economic self-sufficiency through financial education and empowerment. Economic Opportunity Corps members serve in non-profit and educational institutions across the Buffalo-Niagara Region, acting as financial coaches to decrease the number of economically disadvantaged individuals.

Currently accepting applicants for the Economic Opportunity Corps: Apply Here!

Economic Opportunity Corps members will reach economically disadvantaged adults through financial coaching. Economic Opportunity Corps members will meet with the client to provide financial coaching that is relevant to their specific need(s) with the goal of setting a personal financial benchmark. With the end goal in mind, an individual gains the ability to feel empowered in realizing economic stability and a sense of well-being.

Partnering with EOC
AmeriCorps members have proven to be great assets for the Buffalo-Niagara Community through its 7 years of operation. We offer the following AmeriCorps EOC slot options:

  • Full-time: Member commits to a 50-week term, completes 1700 hours of service within that timeframe and conducts at least 100 financial coaching sessions.
  • Half-Time: Member commits to a 25-week term, completes 900 hours of service within that time-frame and conducts at least 100 financial coaching sessions.

All non-profits and educational institutions within the Buffalo-Niagara Region are eligible to partner with EOC. Being a partner of EOC and hosting AmeriCorps members carries a lot of responsibility. Members must receive onsite orientation and weekly check-ins; member timesheets must be reviewed online and approved bi-weekly; member evaluations must be completed and submitted mid-year and end of year; activities of members must be monitored; in-kind match must be reported; and progress reports must be submitted. Any potential partner that does not have the staff time or resources to meet these requirements, should not apply. If you have any questions regarding partnership, please contact Jacob Matteson, Director, EOC Operations.

Serving with EOC
Individuals serving in the Economic Opportunity Corps program enhance partner sites ability to provide comprehensive financial literacy and economic empowerment services through activities such as budgeting, goal setting, job readiness, coaching, financial workshops, and linkages to other community services. Members may also assist in recruiting, managing volunteers, creating or restructuring existing programming, and conducting community outreach. EOC members will provide a direct and demonstrable service to economically disadvantaged adults, youth, and families. Previous financial or education experience is not necessary to apply. Training will be provided.

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