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Imani's Story of Service

Published on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Imani's Story of Service

The reason I joined the youth/workforce programming was because of my probation officer. I wanted to get back into school on my own, but I wanted to find the perfect school that I would actually follow through with and take my education further with my diploma.

This program has changed my outlook on life since I have been in it because it’s not just about getting paid for doing the work or for just being there. It’s about making a change and bettering yourself for the future. It has given me more opportunity to think about what I will be doing in the next couple of years from now.

I learned a lot in this program, things I never knew I could be working with in life. I learned about my soft skills that I used in every-day life. It taught me time, patience, and motivation.

I've grown as a person in many ways while in the program because of the support and the people I have around me. I've learned to communicate more, ask questions, and to not be afraid to ask for help if it’s needed. I've also grown to focus and to take my time with things that don’t need to be rushed.

I would recommend this program to both family and friends because the staff are like family who cares about your future and is they are always there to help you towards your future. I felt so comfortable with the staff, I always knew that they actually care, they weren't just doing a job. The staff grow you as a person to be motivated; I always knew they were there to motivate me.



The Service Collaborative's Youth/Workforce programming is made up WNY YouthBuild, ProjectLEAD and the Workforce Development Demontration Project (NYS WDDP). It offers a transformational education-focused program to low income young people ages 16-24, full time academic and occupational skills training and practical experience in preparation for “in-demand” industry careers. Participants gain experience completing community revitalization projects, while also working to obtain a High School Equivalency Diploma.  Additional emphasis is placed on leadership development, work readiness, service learning and the creation of a participant  network in which participants are committed to each other’s success.  Participants serve the Buffalo community in a team-based setting where they learn job skills and acquire hands on construction experience under the supervision of an experienced tradesman while building or renovating low income housing and completing service learning projects. Participants are eligible to earn AmeriCorps education awards through their service learning activities. At exit, participants are placed in post-secondary education, into a career path, or both.
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