The Service Collaborative of WNY Staff

Executive Director
Kate Sarata
Kate Sarata Executive Director

Melissa Schutte
Kaitlin Price ABLE Program Specialist
Charlotte MacVittie ABLE Assistant Program Manager

Opportunity Corps
Steve Deisig
Steve Deisig Director of VISTA
Kathleen Heim
Kathleen Heim Opportunity Corps Program Manager

Serve New York VISTA

Bryan Lawrence
Bryan Lawrence Director of YouthBuild
Michael Zak
Michael Zak YouthBuild Lead Construction Trainer
Katya Kroll-Haeick
Katya Kroll-Haeick YouthBuild Program Case Manager
Bob Heiss
Bob Heiss YouthBuild Crew Supervisor
Robin Barker
Robin Barker YouthBuild Corps Knowledge Coordinator
Annise Celano YouthBuild Program Assistant  

Volunteer Center
Adam Bartoszek Volunteer Center Program Manager

Finance and Administrative

2016 Board of Directors

John Greenan Board Chair Mary Ann Kresse Board Vice Chair Andrew Miller Board Treasurer Katie Gibas Board Member Joseph Peresan Board Member