Helpful Resources


Tax Credits - Learn more about the money available to you and your clients through federal programs and tax credits.

WNY Housing Resources

WNY Housing Resources - Interested in buying a house? Resources abound in WNY to help get you on the right track. This module also catalogs the services available to you if you are worried about losing your home.

Income Supports

Learn what resources may be available SNAP to you to get back on your feet.

Consumer Protections

Consumer Protection - Predatory Lenders and Consumer Protections Know your rights! You can get those harassing phone calls to stop! Learn more about your rights as a consumer and how to avoid predatory lending services.

Financial Rehab

Financial RehabLearn how credit scores are calculated, how to interpret your credit report, and where to access legitimate credit counseling services. This module provides material and local resources to assist you in creating a Financial Recovery Plan. You don't have to do this alone!